Engaged: Heather & Ken

If you're around The Sandbar very much, or if you keep up with our blog, then you know Friday bartender Heather got engaged last spring. The wedding plans are moving along and the future married couple is enjoying pre-wedded bliss.

Heather & Ken's engagement announcement hit the LJW this weekend. A lovely photo of the pair accompanied the announcement.

You'll have to scroll down the page to see the announcement, because it's grouped on a page with all the other brides-and-grooms-to-be. 

We like that Heather included her bartending gig as part of the announcement!

Dollar Bill Love Notes

As you can imagine, our bartenders take home lots of one dollar bills in tips. I've shared a bank account with Dave for ten years now, so I'm used to depositing lots of singles and getting strange looks from the bank teller. Once upon a time, I worked at the bank, and the tellers knew my husband's occupation, so it wasn't a big deal…but now that I don't know the tellers anymore, I always wonder what they think of a several hundred dollar deposit made up entirely of ones.

Last time I made a deposit, the teller paused for a second while counting, and I expected him to tell me that he suspected a fake bill.

Instead, he held this up:

20091022_dollar bill 

It appears to be a statement of undying affection for Cole Joseph, written by an unknown admirer.

Unfortunately, Cole Joseph apparently chose to spend this love note at The Sandbar instead of saving it forever. Guess he didn't feel quite the same way.

It's a lot prettier than the dollar bills we usually see on the walls. We don't have colorful markers like our neighbors at Jefferson's, so our walls are a little less rainbow-like. Maybe I'll hang this one on the wall as a tribute to unrequited love.

Wedding Parties and Hunters

Last week I promised more stories from Homecoming weekend, but I also wanted pictures, and unfortunately someone kept leaving the camera at the bar. 

I talked about the Bar Band already but didn't mention some Very Important People who stopped by to see them play. Peach and Ted, creator and long-time owners of The Sandbar, don't visit very often anymore because they're so busy running their other four businesses, plus a farm, plus family, and all the other stuff they're involved in. But every once in awhile they make an appearance, and Friday was one of those times.

The Bar Band was lined up outside and ready to play, but we had to ask them to wait until Peach and Ted could get here. They had some hunters staying at the Lodge of Baldwin City– Italian hunters here by way of Pennsylvania. Of course they had to see an indoor hurricane in Kansas while they're here!


(Just in case you couldn't tell who the hunters were, I drew a nice arrow and wrote their names on the picture.)

At just about the opposite end of the spectrum that night, we also entertained a wedding party. But not just any wedding party- the groom is the cousin of Hayley, our Wednesday (and sometimes weekend) bartender.

Chris is in medical school and lives in Colorado, and he got married in Lawrence on Friday. After the wedding and reception, much of the party traveled to The Sandbar, where of course the bride and groom danced on the bar in their wedding finery.


It's not the first time a bride and groom have been fun-loving enough to hop up on the bar and dance, and it probably won't be the last. It's always fun when the couple is part of the extended Sandbar family though. 

Congratulations to Chris and his new bride, and Hayley's family!

Finding Love in Line

Good grief, people, what happened yesterday? There was a huge interest in the story of the hissy fit about being carded- big spike in visits to the blog- so either it was a super great story, or you were bored yesterday. Here's another story for you about another controversial topic- waiting in line.

We're continually amazed (and amused) at the number of couples who have found love at The Sandbar. Me and Dave, for one. And lots of our friends, and probably tons of people we don't even know about.

I heard a new Sandbar love story recently about a couple we've known for quite a long time- yet somehow I never heard how they met.

This story will also be of interest to those of you who whine about waiting in line- you just never know what might happen out there.

(I'm leaving this couple anonymous for two reasons: first, I didn't ask them if I could publicize their story, and second, I think they'd probably rather not be named.)

So, we're sitting at a table at a bar (not the Sandbar, surprise!) one night, and "Wife" mentions that she and "Husband" have been married five years. I asked how they met, and much to my surprise, she said they met at The Sandbar. In line. 

If I remember right, she was there with a bunch of girlfriends (for a bachelorette party?), but the other girlfriends were already inside the bar and she was stuck outside in line behind a bunch of guys. While they waited in line together, they chatted, and when the line finally started moving, the guys let her go in ahead of them.

And it was love at first sight. Well, I don't really know about that, but I thought it was cool that they met in line at the Sandbar, and now they've been married for five years.

See, next time you're waiting in line, try not to think about what you're missing inside. Look at the bright side and see what you might be overlooking outside!

Oh, and "Wife," if I got your story details wrong, correct me in the comments.  And if you and your significant other met at The Sandbar, send us your story and we'll feature it here!

Three Birthday Parties and a Marriage Proposal

The rumored "snowstorm" likely kept people away from downtown Lawrence and The Sandbar on Friday night; when it didn't materialize into the Armageddon that the weathercasters suggested, those same people were probably wishing they would have left the house.

The Sandbar was the site of three birthday parties on Friday night!

2009mar27_heather&sherri bday_0002

Friday bartender Heather and long-time regular customer Sherri both had birthdays on Thursday and planned their parties for Friday. A third young lady, Kim, brought her friends in for a birthday hurricane before the game started.

2009mar27_heather&sherri bday_0004

At halftime of the KU game, we ran another birthday hurricane for Heather and Sherri. And then, there was a big surprise for the crowd. A boy jumped up on the bar and proposed to his lovely lady. She said yes, of course. (I know most of you reading this probably know all about it; but I don't want to publicly announce their names because it's really their news to tell). 

 The KU game was a bit of a letdown- okay, a lot of a letdown- but after a few minutes of drowning our sorrows in our drinks, everyone moved on to happier things like laughing and dancing.

Late in the night, someone played "Love Train" on the jukebox, and some of our float dancers jumped on the benches and relived St. Patrick's Day. They treated the crowd to the Sandbar rendition of "Locomotion" too. 

2009mar27_heather&sherri bday_0014 

It was a pretty good night. And we're pretty glad that we didn't end up with 29 inches of snow and ice.

Do You Have Plans for Valentine’s Day?

That was the "On the Street" question in the Journal-World last Friday. I was surprised to see that question almost a whole week before the holiday, but I guess they wanted to make sure all the forgetful men of the world knew it was coming.

Of course, our favorite Mass Street wanderer happened to be caught by the reporter again.  Former bartender and frequent commenter Pattoo was featured with his very eloquent answer:

"No, because I'm happily divorced, and I kind of enjoy not having plans this time of year."

Ouch.  The comments that follow the entry are kind of funny. One commenter even suggests that Pattoo and the divorced young lady featured should be introduced.

Click here to see the LJW piece, complete with pictures.

The Sandbar may not be the first place you think of when you are looking for some place romantic, but lots of love matches have been made here.  If you don't have plans on Saturday, perhaps you could find a sweetie at The Sandbar.