Good grief, people, what happened yesterday? There was a huge interest in the story of the hissy fit about being carded- big spike in visits to the blog- so either it was a super great story, or you were bored yesterday. Here's another story for you about another controversial topic- waiting in line.

We're continually amazed (and amused) at the number of couples who have found love at The Sandbar. Me and Dave, for one. And lots of our friends, and probably tons of people we don't even know about.

I heard a new Sandbar love story recently about a couple we've known for quite a long time- yet somehow I never heard how they met.

This story will also be of interest to those of you who whine about waiting in line- you just never know what might happen out there.

(I'm leaving this couple anonymous for two reasons: first, I didn't ask them if I could publicize their story, and second, I think they'd probably rather not be named.)

So, we're sitting at a table at a bar (not the Sandbar, surprise!) one night, and "Wife" mentions that she and "Husband" have been married five years. I asked how they met, and much to my surprise, she said they met at The Sandbar. In line. 

If I remember right, she was there with a bunch of girlfriends (for a bachelorette party?), but the other girlfriends were already inside the bar and she was stuck outside in line behind a bunch of guys. While they waited in line together, they chatted, and when the line finally started moving, the guys let her go in ahead of them.

And it was love at first sight. Well, I don't really know about that, but I thought it was cool that they met in line at the Sandbar, and now they've been married for five years.

See, next time you're waiting in line, try not to think about what you're missing inside. Look at the bright side and see what you might be overlooking outside!

Oh, and "Wife," if I got your story details wrong, correct me in the comments.  And if you and your significant other met at The Sandbar, send us your story and we'll feature it here!