That was the "On the Street" question in the Journal-World last Friday. I was surprised to see that question almost a whole week before the holiday, but I guess they wanted to make sure all the forgetful men of the world knew it was coming.

Of course, our favorite Mass Street wanderer happened to be caught by the reporter again.  Former bartender and frequent commenter Pattoo was featured with his very eloquent answer:

"No, because I'm happily divorced, and I kind of enjoy not having plans this time of year."

Ouch.  The comments that follow the entry are kind of funny. One commenter even suggests that Pattoo and the divorced young lady featured should be introduced.

Click here to see the LJW piece, complete with pictures.

The Sandbar may not be the first place you think of when you are looking for some place romantic, but lots of love matches have been made here.  If you don't have plans on Saturday, perhaps you could find a sweetie at The Sandbar.