The rumored "snowstorm" likely kept people away from downtown Lawrence and The Sandbar on Friday night; when it didn't materialize into the Armageddon that the weathercasters suggested, those same people were probably wishing they would have left the house.

The Sandbar was the site of three birthday parties on Friday night!

2009mar27_heather&sherri bday_0002

Friday bartender Heather and long-time regular customer Sherri both had birthdays on Thursday and planned their parties for Friday. A third young lady, Kim, brought her friends in for a birthday hurricane before the game started.

2009mar27_heather&sherri bday_0004

At halftime of the KU game, we ran another birthday hurricane for Heather and Sherri. And then, there was a big surprise for the crowd. A boy jumped up on the bar and proposed to his lovely lady. She said yes, of course. (I know most of you reading this probably know all about it; but I don't want to publicly announce their names because it's really their news to tell). 

 The KU game was a bit of a letdown- okay, a lot of a letdown- but after a few minutes of drowning our sorrows in our drinks, everyone moved on to happier things like laughing and dancing.

Late in the night, someone played "Love Train" on the jukebox, and some of our float dancers jumped on the benches and relived St. Patrick's Day. They treated the crowd to the Sandbar rendition of "Locomotion" too. 

2009mar27_heather&sherri bday_0014 

It was a pretty good night. And we're pretty glad that we didn't end up with 29 inches of snow and ice.