We recently put out a call for a new Valentine's Day pint glass design, since we haven't crowdsourced a design in over a year.

We got several submissions and we loved them all.

Here's the first one. It's printed and ready to buy!


It. Is. Fabulous.

I'll tell you a secret: I was hoping that someone out there would find a way to incorporate our love (and our customers' love) of mustaches into a Valentine's Day pint design.

And Megan read my mind.

The first run of 2013 Valentine pints is behind the bar, waiting for you. They're $3 each and yours to keep forever. Bring them back in every Thursday for $2.50 tropical drink refills.

These will also make perfect Valentine's Day gifts!

We hope to have a second Valentine's Day glass soon. We're waiting to hear back from the artist. Stay tuned.

We need a new Valentine’s Day pint glass

Our crowdsourced pint glass designs have been popular the last several years, but it's been a whole year since we asked our customers to submit their best designs.

The last customer-designed glass was our happy new year glass from last year. We've been so busy this year, we haven't had a chance to hold another contest! And, we've been busy with the super popular mustache glasses. More of those are coming soon, I promise. In fact, we may let YOU choose which mustache comes next…Vday

Anyway. Check out some Thanksgiving, winter, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and graduation pint glasses for examples of designs. 

Our Valentine's Day glass in 2011, designed by Alison, was one of our most popular pints ever. 

The fine print:

  • The design has to be a black and white line art drawing. We only print single-color designs, so a design with multiple colors won't work. Shadows and other shading won't work either.
  • Keep it simple. Remember, pint glasses aren't huge and the design will only be a few inches in size. The design should be fairly basic and not have a lot of tiny detail, and it should also translate well to a small size.
  • You don't need to include the Sandbar name or logo. Our logo will be on the other side of the glass.
  • We aren't going to pay you money, but if your design or idea is chosen, you'll get a pack of pint glasses, a T-shirt and a whole blog post dedicated to the things you want to share with our friends.

We'll take submissions for the next two weeks, until January 21. Then, we'll pick our favorite design. We might pick more than one; we might combine designs and create a whole new one.

If you can't draw, it's not a big deal. Do your best, or if you really can't draw anything at all, or design something basic on the computer, just email us the idea and we'll try to create it.

So, if you've got an idea for a Valentine's Day glass, send it to us at!

Disclaimer stuff: submitting your design to us gives us full rights to use it on our websites, social networking sites and merchandise. We'll give you credit everywhere we can, of course.

White T-shirts for the Color Run

The Color Run is coming!

They call it the "happiest 5k on the planet," and while we believe it, we can't wait to see it. At last count, over 6,800 runners/walkers/dancers/whatever-ers had signed up for the event this Saturday in downtown Lawrence.

One of the rules of the Color Run is to wear white. Yes, it's after Labor Day, but this is one fashion rule you'll want to break. Throughout the run, color stations blast the participants with a color mixture, resulting in rainbow-colored runners.

We printed up special white Sandbar T-shirts just for this event, and we're selling them at a discount. You can get your white T-shirt for just $10. And even if you're not participating in the Color Run, but you just want a white shirt, you can get one too.


We have sizes small through 2XL available. The wrinkles are free.

The shirts are upstairs in our office, so be sure to let the bartender know what you're looking for. They've all been told that the shirts are in the office, so if for some reason you're told "we don't have any white shirts," tell them to check their email.

Kidding. But we do have shirts upstairs, they just need to run up there and grab one.

We can't wait to see the rainbow-colored Sandbar shirts after the event! Be sure to send us your pictures. You can upload them to our Facebook page, tweet them to us @thesanbar or email them to us at

Find out more about the Color Run here.

Mustache Pint Glasses

Our custom-designed pint glasses have been a huge hit since we started offering them several years ago. You can buy a pint glass anytime for $3, but they're especially popular on Tropical Thursdays, when we offer up tropical drinks for just $2.50 when they're in a pint glass.

It works like this: you pay $5 for the first drink, and that gets you the tropical drink of your choice plus a glass that's yours to keep. Then, you can refill the glass anytime on Thursday with the same or a different tropical drink for $2.50. So, you're getting a small discount on the price of the glass, plus the option for discounted drinks.

And, you can bring your pint glass back every Thursday if you don't want to buy a new one!

Except…why wouldn't you want a new one?

Our latest pint glass brainstorm is mustaches. Everyone loves the mustache drink toys, more than we could have ever imagined, and we saw cool mustache glasses on Pinterest (where else), so we decided to make our own.

The first one we offered was the Handlebar, and the latest one debuts today: the Horseshoe.


Better get yours while you can! Once this batch of pints sells out, we'll move on to the next mustache.

2012 Graduation Pint Glasses

Hey 2012 graduates! Our new pint glasses are here.

Screen shot 2012-05-10 at 9.55.25 PM

It's a double order, half red and half blue. The design above is on one side, and the Sandbar logo is on the other. Glasses are $3 each. Get yours while you can!

St. Patrick’s Day Pint Glasses

New pint glasses are here!

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style with brand new Sandbar glasses. Our logo's on the front, and here's the design on the back of the glass:

Screen shot 2012-03-15 at 9.59.04 PM

You might remember this design from our T-shirts a few years ago. We didn't have time this year to run a contest for new pint glass designs, and we didn't have time to create a design ourselves. Luckily, this one worked just as well for glasses as it did for shirts.

Stop by and pick up your glass today! They're $3 each.