The Color Run is coming!

They call it the "happiest 5k on the planet," and while we believe it, we can't wait to see it. At last count, over 6,800 runners/walkers/dancers/whatever-ers had signed up for the event this Saturday in downtown Lawrence.

One of the rules of the Color Run is to wear white. Yes, it's after Labor Day, but this is one fashion rule you'll want to break. Throughout the run, color stations blast the participants with a color mixture, resulting in rainbow-colored runners.

We printed up special white Sandbar T-shirts just for this event, and we're selling them at a discount. You can get your white T-shirt for just $10. And even if you're not participating in the Color Run, but you just want a white shirt, you can get one too.


We have sizes small through 2XL available. The wrinkles are free.

The shirts are upstairs in our office, so be sure to let the bartender know what you're looking for. They've all been told that the shirts are in the office, so if for some reason you're told "we don't have any white shirts," tell them to check their email.

Kidding. But we do have shirts upstairs, they just need to run up there and grab one.

We can't wait to see the rainbow-colored Sandbar shirts after the event! Be sure to send us your pictures. You can upload them to our Facebook page, tweet them to us @thesanbar or email them to us at

Find out more about the Color Run here.