We recently put out a call for a new Valentine's Day pint glass design, since we haven't crowdsourced a design in over a year.

We got several submissions and we loved them all.

Here's the first one. It's printed and ready to buy!


It. Is. Fabulous.

I'll tell you a secret: I was hoping that someone out there would find a way to incorporate our love (and our customers' love) of mustaches into a Valentine's Day pint design.

And Megan read my mind.

The first run of 2013 Valentine pints is behind the bar, waiting for you. They're $3 each and yours to keep forever. Bring them back in every Thursday for $2.50 tropical drink refills.

These will also make perfect Valentine's Day gifts!

We hope to have a second Valentine's Day glass soon. We're waiting to hear back from the artist. Stay tuned.