Sandbar Hurricane Video #3

In 2003, we filmed our third installment of the hurricane video series. We did a great job of creating a new video each year for the first three years of the attraction. Sorry we've been slackers the last three years!

Video #3 was also filmed at Channel 6 studios in downtown Lawrence. This one's a little blurry- it's the only video that we can't find an actual DVD copy of, but fortunately we'd uploaded the video to YouTube a long time ago. We tried downloading the video from YouTube, and we also tried filming the video directly from the computer monitor, and this is the best quality we can get.

This video stars Dave, Debbi and former Lawrence mayor Marty Kennedy as the anchors; bartender Coleen as the local weather woman; and an assortment of Sandbar staff and friends in our newly created "safety segment"- a feature with tips on what not to do during a hurricane.

A real celebrity makes an appearance in this video. When we went to Nashville to record our very own Sandbar song (also making its first appearance on this video), we bumped into Richie McDonald, lead singer of the country band Lonestar, in the recording studio. He graciously lent his face & voice to us for the video.

Watch out! Here comes the hurricane!

Love Shack, Baby

A long time ago, some of the Sandbar crew wrote revised lyrics to "Love Shack" and recorded a new song. We played it after the hurricane dance for awhile, but the song faded into obscurity and we forgot all about it.

Recently we were attempting to organize our hurricane video collection and discovered a recording of the song at the end of our 2002 hurricane video. Since you probably didn't watch all 15 minutes of that video- yes, 15 minutes!- we made a separate video with just the "Love Shack" clip just to make sure you didn't miss this glorious piece of poetry. And the bloopers- you can't miss the bloopers.

On the vocals: Scott aka "Showtime" and Peach, with help from Coleen, Debbi and Dave. Listen carefully to the lyrics; they're about the Sandbar, with some inside jokes sprinkled in for fun.

Sandbar Hurricane Video #2

Our first hurricane video ran for awhile, and then we moved up in the world and hired the local TV station to create our next one back in 2002.

Our stars moseyed down the street to Channel 6 studios and tried to be professional. We probably failed miserably, but we had fun doing it. At least we didn't get kicked out of the studio.

Hurricane video #2 starred a whole host of local celebrities:

  • Sandbar Dave and his wife Debbi as the anchors
  • Tom Conroy, owner of Kaspar's Pub (now Conroy's Pub) and Peach's brother
  • Patrick Conroy, Peach's other brother
  • Patty Kennedy, posing as a local real estate agent
  • Pat Mushrush as our "man on the street"
  • Gary Bartz, owner of Don's Steakhouse
  • Al Hack, local insurance agent
  • Marty Kennedy, former mayor of Lawrence
  • Sue Hack, former mayor of Lawrence

Warning: this video is LONG. It featured our original hurricane song at the end- a revised version of Copa Cabana, sung by Scott "Showtime" Schoenberger, Peach, and Larry Hofmeier. While loading this video, we discovered a hidden track-our revised version of Love Shack that rolls during the credits, along with a few bloopers. This song didn't stick around very long, so many of you might not remember it, or maybe you never even heard it. Frankly, we forgot about it and were pleasantly surprised we still had a recording of it.

Get ready, Lawrence- this is going to be a BIGGER one!

(Note: the original video, in all its glory and including the full length of the storm, was over 15 minutes long. Yes, 15 minutes! I cut out the storm portion for your viewing pleasure and it saved about a minute of boring storm footage. You're welcome.)

Video Contest Update

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate our 21st birthday last night! We had a blast and hope you did too. We'll have pictures, video and stories to share for a long time to come, so check back for updates.

We're also looking for guest bloggers, so if you went to the party and have a funny story or want to share your experience with us, let us know. Send us an email at

Now, for an update on the hurricane video contest! At this moment, there are 408 votes. That is amazing! Kim is still in the lead with "Don't pick up guys during a hurricane" and 48% of the votes. Justin is on her heels with "Don't ride a scooter during a hurricane" and 40% of the votes.

Go here to vote.

Remember, you can still vote through Monday around noon. The poll is restricted to one vote per IP address. The winner gets free sandwiches for a year from Sandbar Sub Shop and their video will be included in the 2010 hurricane video. We still might choose other clips for the hurricane video, but the winner is guaranteed a spot.

Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell strangers! This is truly a crowd-sourced decision and we value your input.

Vote for a Video!

Hey friends! Well, the video entries are in, and it’s time to vote for your favorite! We got one last minute entry, and since we’re nice, we accepted it. There’s a total of nine videos- watch them all and choose the one you like best.

Send it to your friends! The winner will get a year’s worth of free sandwiches from the newly opened Sandbar Sub Shop (inside Zarco66 on East 23rd Street), and their video clip will be featured in our next hurricane video.

You’ve got a week to vote- the poll closes next Monday. Good luck to all the entrants!