Our first hurricane video ran for awhile, and then we moved up in the world and hired the local TV station to create our next one back in 2002.

Our stars moseyed down the street to Channel 6 studios and tried to be professional. We probably failed miserably, but we had fun doing it. At least we didn't get kicked out of the studio.

Hurricane video #2 starred a whole host of local celebrities:

  • Sandbar Dave and his wife Debbi as the anchors
  • Tom Conroy, owner of Kaspar's Pub (now Conroy's Pub) and Peach's brother
  • Patrick Conroy, Peach's other brother
  • Patty Kennedy, posing as a local real estate agent
  • Pat Mushrush as our "man on the street"
  • Gary Bartz, owner of Don's Steakhouse
  • Al Hack, local insurance agent
  • Marty Kennedy, former mayor of Lawrence
  • Sue Hack, former mayor of Lawrence

Warning: this video is LONG. It featured our original hurricane song at the end- a revised version of Copa Cabana, sung by Scott "Showtime" Schoenberger, Peach, and Larry Hofmeier. While loading this video, we discovered a hidden track-our revised version of Love Shack that rolls during the credits, along with a few bloopers. This song didn't stick around very long, so many of you might not remember it, or maybe you never even heard it. Frankly, we forgot about it and were pleasantly surprised we still had a recording of it.

Get ready, Lawrence- this is going to be a BIGGER one!

(Note: the original video, in all its glory and including the full length of the storm, was over 15 minutes long. Yes, 15 minutes! I cut out the storm portion for your viewing pleasure and it saved about a minute of boring storm footage. You're welcome.)