Shark Week Photo Contest

We love sharks, so naturally Shark Week is a lot of fun for us. Although, as others have said, "every week is Shark Week if you do it right," and we think we're doing it right.

We recently unveiled a brand-new photo cutout with a shark on it, so we thought we'd have a little contest.

Here's the deal:

  • Take your picture with our shark cutout
  • Tweet it to us (@thesandbar) or email it to us (
  • Next Sunday, we'll pick a random winner to get a Sandbar T-shirt

You can upload your picture to our Facebook page if you want- and we'd love for you to!- but entries that are only uploaded to Facebook won't count in the contest. Facebook has funky rules about contests and instead of trying to figure out their (very complex) rules, we're using methods that are easier for us. So, if you put it on our Facebook page, make sure you also email it to us.

So, tweet or email us a picture of your pretty face in our shark cutout, and you could win a T-shirt! In fact, we've already got one entry, and she didn't even know we were having a contest when she posted her picture. Thanks Barbara, and good luck!

*By submitting your picture to us, you give us permission to post it on our website, blog or other social media sites. If you don't want your picture on the internet, don't send it to us.

New Shark-Themed Photo Opportunity

We're really excited for Shark Week and our upcoming 22nd birthday block party that we've dubbed "Shark Fest 2011." So excited, in fact, that we created a brand-new photo opportunity for you!

20110725_sharkcutout_0004 20110725_sharkcutout_0001

Between art director Justin and managing partner Dave, they managed to put this thing together. And it looks awesome.

We'll have it out sometime this weekend to start Shark Week off with a bang. And of course it will be out for our block party on August 13!

Shark Week Starts July 31

Shark Week is back! We might just celebrate all month with our own version of "Shark Fest 2011."

The popular week of Discovery Channel programming starts up again on Sunday, July 31. We've got some fun things planned for Shark Week this year.

  • Our TV's will be tuned to Shark Week all week so you won't miss any of the exciting programs, like Rogue Sharks, Jaws Comes Home and Summer of the Shark.
  • We want to see your best pictures! Snap a photo with your toy shark or a Shark Attack drink and send it to us! You can email it to, tweet it to us @thesandbar or upload it to our Facebook page.
  • We're working on a design for a new T-shirt and pint glass to celebrate sharks!
  • Shark Attacks are on special three days of the week: $2 on Tuesday, $3 on Wednesday and $2.50 on Thursday. They're normally $4.50.
  • And, we've got a great new photo opportunity to reveal next week! Dave and Sandbar art director Justin have worked on a really cool idea, and we'll post a picture of it soon.

Leave us a comment and let us know your great ideas for Shark Week! We're looking forward to this week of celebrating one of our favorite sea creatures.

Lawrence Originals Party in the Park

Looking for something fun to do on Independence Day? Check out the Lawrence Originals' Party in the Park!

The family-friendly party runs from 2-10 p.m. tomorrow in Watson Park, also known as the train park, at 7th and Kentucky. It includes live music, plenty of kids' activities and of course, food!

According to the Lawrence Originals website, they'll have over 20 tents with food served up by local restaurants along with locally brewed beer. You can see a list of all the participating restaurants and the food they'll have available on the site, too. There's definitely no need to cook tomorrow!

Admission to the party is free, but food & drink prices will vary. Don't forget your blankets and lawn chairs!

The annual city fireworks will start at 9:45 after the Party in the Park.

We'll see you there!

National Rubber Duck Day

Apparently there's a holiday for everything.

I discovered today through the magic of Twitter that today is National Rubber Duck Day. You know what  this means- you all need to come to the Sandbar tonight for Tropical Drink Night and 6a00d8341c17af53ef011570b460e7970benjoy some rubber ducks with your drinks. I'm pretty sure we still have rubber duck keychains available.

Bring your favorite rubber duck toys from the past and show them off! Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite rubber duck toy is- we've offered all kinds, from cowboy ducks to cheerleader ducks to nurse ducks.

This Wikipedia entry about rubber ducks contains everything you ever wanted to know about the little yellow toys. The Guinness World Record for largest rubber duck collection stood at 2,583 rubber ducks in 2007. We're not going to try to beat that one.

I couldn't find any information quickly about how or why National Rubber Duck Day began, but here's another fun little tidbit about rubber ducks making their way around the ocean.

Happy Repeal Day!

December 5 is Repeal Day: a day to commemorate and celebrate the anniversary of the day the Eighteenth Amendment was repealed and Americans gained the right to drink alcohol.

Repeal Day has its own website where you can find a history of Prohibition and text from the 18th and 21st amendments.

The Repeal Day celebration is the brainchild of Jeffrey Morgenthaler, who makes a great case for why December 5 should be a national drinking holiday. Other holidays such as St. Patrick's Day and Cinco de Mayo- which have no true connection to alcohol- are commonly considered "drinking holidays," so why not Repeal Day? Jeffrey provides a great list of reasons for celebrating on his blog. (Not that you need a reason.)

It's not as much fun to fall on a Sunday this year, but you can still celebrate Repeal Day.