Husband Daycare Center

We aren't sure how the ladies will feel about this one, some of you may love it while others will hate it.

Dave's mother-in-law sent him this picture:


A bar can be a little bit like a daycare center, though it's not really the goal we have in mind. The bar is a great place for spouses or partners to take a break while their significant other shops, relaxes or just needs a break; but we prefer that people in the bar have the ability to look after themselves!

We Have a New TV!


Yes, we know our TV's have been crappy lately. Especially the one that pretty much has a green screen no matter what you're watching.

Well, you'll be glad to know that we finally replaced it with a brand new one! Now you can enjoy (or try to enjoy) football games and cartoons and our hurricane video in correct color.


Let's hope this TV lasts longer than the other one…which started to go bad literally the day after the warranty expired.

Yes, the Sandbar Actually Has Sand

Did you know there's an actual sand beach upstairs at the Sandbar? I'm pretty sure we've blogged about this before, but after searching through nearly five years' worth of posts, I couldn't find it.

Once upon a time, the upstairs area was uninhabitable. We had an office, but no one dared to venture into the front area upstairs.

Then, Dave and Ted and other Sandbar staffers renovated the area. It was exciting to have more space! Even though it didn't increase our occupancy limits, it gave us more space for fun stuff.

About ten years ago, we started a gift shop upstairs. We had T-shirts and other luau and tiki-themed gifts for sale. The gift shop worked well for a couple of years, until suddenly people decided to start stealing stuff and we decided to close it.

What could we do next?

Of course, the logical answer was to create a beach. We hauled in a ton of sand. Not literally; that might break the floor. Dave thinks he brought in 20 bags that weighed either 60 or 80 pounds each of the fine white sand that is used for sandblasting and so closely resembles the sand on faraway tropical beaches.

For a brief time, we had a wedding chapel upstairs. We remember one wedding that took place but the idea never really caught on with people (wonder why!?).

So today, the Sandbar beach is a quiet place for customers and staff to escape the madness. Next time you're in, feel free to ask the staff if you can check it out. However, keep in mind that the staff on duty has full discretion to allow people upstairs, so if they tell you no, don't get upset- just check back next time.


New Shark-Themed Photo Opportunity

We're really excited for Shark Week and our upcoming 22nd birthday block party that we've dubbed "Shark Fest 2011." So excited, in fact, that we created a brand-new photo opportunity for you!

20110725_sharkcutout_0004 20110725_sharkcutout_0001

Between art director Justin and managing partner Dave, they managed to put this thing together. And it looks awesome.

We'll have it out sometime this weekend to start Shark Week off with a bang. And of course it will be out for our block party on August 13!

New Wooden Signs at the Sandbar

We've got a few new wooden signs to hang on our wall. Here's a couple of our favorites:



Check out more of our signs on the wall by the women's bathroom! Thanks to L.C. Colley, who continues to create these little gems and leave them at our door.

Gifts from Customer Katy

We got a surprise in the mail recently: fun gifts from Katy, a Sandbar regular who has since moved away from Lawrence. Katy was profiled on our blog last year as a 2010 graduate, and we compiled all her favorite memories of the Sandbar into one post.

A small package arrived the other day with this:


A nice note from Katy accompanied the sticker and duckie:

Dear Dave & the Sandbar crew:

I found this sticker on my vacation and couldn't resist sending it to ya'll. I also won this basketball duckie just for you, dave, since I have so many Sandbar ducks I thought this basketball one was appropriate for you. Miss you all and hope to visit soon!

Thanks for thinking of us, Katy! We'll be sure to put the sticker and duckie in a place of honor at the Sandbar, and we hope you can make it back for a visit soon!