We got a surprise in the mail recently: fun gifts from Katy, a Sandbar regular who has since moved away from Lawrence. Katy was profiled on our blog last year as a 2010 graduate, and we compiled all her favorite memories of the Sandbar into one post.

A small package arrived the other day with this:


A nice note from Katy accompanied the sticker and duckie:

Dear Dave & the Sandbar crew:

I found this sticker on my vacation and couldn't resist sending it to ya'll. I also won this basketball duckie just for you, dave, since I have so many Sandbar ducks I thought this basketball one was appropriate for you. Miss you all and hope to visit soon!

Thanks for thinking of us, Katy! We'll be sure to put the sticker and duckie in a place of honor at the Sandbar, and we hope you can make it back for a visit soon!