More Drinking Rules

Here are some more rules for drinking at The Sandbar.

  • Don’t order anything with mint or bitters.
  • Know what you want to order when you get to the bar.   Don’t keep yelling for the bartender to take your order and then turn around to your five friends and ask them what they want, one by one.  And on that note, after you place your order, don’t keep adding to it each time the bartender comes back.
  • Order your drink with the liquor first.  It’s not "cranberry and vodka" or "diet coke and rum."  It’s "vodka cranberry" or "rum and diet coke."

Things a Man Should Know About Drinking

Matt sent this our way…from the staff at Esquire.  It’s a pretty funny list. 

In fact, it could be fun to start our own list of "Things a Man Should Know About Drinking at The Sandbar."  And a list for the ladies.  So, if you have any ideas leave a comment and we’ll compile a list.

I’ll start us off.

  • Yelling "Dave, Dave" as if you know the manager doesn’t get you faster service, it only irritates him and you end up waiting longer.
  • Don’t try to wrangle out of paying a measly cover charge by claiming you’re a cousin/brother/nephew/aunt/whatever of the owner/doorguy/manager/whatever.
  • There’s no such thing as Phil’s priority list at the door.  In fact, he’s not the owner either, no matter what you may have heard.

All right, it’s your turn. Make ’em good.

Happy Birthday Brother Pants!

I don’t know what I was thinking when I posted the blog about Brother Pants the other day- I should have waited until today, his birthday, to post it!!

Anyway, today is Pants’ birthday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I’m sure he’ll make an appearance at The Sandbar sometime tonight…

Dave and Pants usually celebrate their birthdays together, because Dave’s birthday is tomorrow.  We’ve had some fun parties through the years.  A few years ago, Michelle came up with a great idea- we took several different pictures of each of the guys and printed them onto square labels to make stickers.  We handed out stickers at the bar all night, so everyone who came in was covered in stickers with funny pictures of Dave and Ju…er, Pants.

1181863_img_edited1 1181865_img_edited1_2

Another year, the guys were getting interested in screenprinting t-shirts.  And, they had both become internet-ordained ministers that year (another story, another day).  We came up with a fun design for the front of the shirts that said "Party With The Preachers," and the back of the shirt had a top 10 list:

The Reverend’s Drinking Commandments.

1.  If you fall off the bar, fall forward so you don’t break any bottles.

2.  Drop your pants at least once during the evening.

3.  Don’t do "the Worm" unless you’re young, sober, and on carpet.

4.  Make funny faces in every picture.

5.  If your sled is headed for a tree, jump off.

6.  Keep cheese balls around for cheap entertainment.

7.  Insist that others do shots with you all night.

8.  Watch out for the bushes when riding your bike.

9.  Steal cameras and take excessive amounts of cleavage shots.

10.  Tip your bartenders. If the doorman kicks you out, they’ll let you back in.


Hang around, who knows what will transpire tonight when these guys hit the town….