A couple months ago, we shared some news about Peach’s latest project.

She discovered evidence that the Plaza Grill and Cinema might be the oldest continuous-operating theater in the world, and in true Peach fashion, came up with a grand idea: to create an interactive historical experience for all to enjoy the magic of cinema.

The Kickstarter campaign to raise money to fund the project didn’t meet its goal, but that’s certainly not stopping the project.

Fundraising is in full swing, and the Plaza Cinemagic Experience, as it is now known, will be transformed by summer 2014.

The project has received a lot of press, too:

And, the project got a mention in the state blurbs section of USA Today, too!

You can help.

Donations can be made by mail or online, and there are a variety of rewards for donors. Or, share your memories of the old theater on the website. Click here to learn more about the entire project.

We’re excited to see Peach’s latest great idea unfold!