I have been seriously bad about keeping this blog up. Once upon a time, there were four or five new posts each week. When I logged in to write this, I realized there were three posts for the entire month of September. Believe me, there’s more going on at the Sandbar than that; I’m just not there to see it these days.

But, here’s something awesome for you.

If you’ve followed the Sandbar for any length of time– or if you really know the owners like you insist to the doorguy– then you know Peach, our founder, also owns the Plaza Grill & Cinema, a movie theater slash bar and grill down the road in Ottawa.

But did you know this: she recently uncovered evidence of the theater showing movies all the way back in 1905, making it a candidate for the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest operating theater in America.

And now, there’s a plan to convert the theater into an interactive historical experience so that people can enjoy the magic of the cinema in the middle of America.

How can you help? Well, there’s a Kickstarter project taking place right now. If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a crowdsourced funding platform that brings project creators together with backers to make things happen.

You can donate as little as a buck or as much as you want to this project– but unless the project is fully funded, you won’t spend a dime.

The goal of this project is to raise $45,000. The project has three stages that are described here, and it will add jobs as well as economic growth to the community of Ottawa.

What are you waiting for?! Go check it out here, and make a donation if you can.

Preserve the Plaza: Oldest Operating Theater in America