For our inaugural block party five years ago, the one that celebrated our 20th birthday, we put together an epic slideshow of pictures from those first twenty years.

And when I say epic, I mean it was like twenty minutes long.

We went through all our old photos; we scanned photos from our walls; and we requested photos from our customers and friends.

In the end, we ended up with some 800 pictures in that slideshow.

Last year, we put together another slideshow, and again we asked for your photos. Most of the pictures in that slideshow were newer, and this show was significantly shorter with only around 200 pictures.

We recently resurrected those slideshows and started running them on the TV’s in the bar—in between music videos by 90’s boy bands.

And now, it’s time for another one. We know you all take lots of pictures in the Sandbar—we see them on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. So if you have a favorite (or two or five!) that you’d like us to include in the slideshow, send them our way. You can email them to and we’ll do our best to make sure it gets in this year’s version of our photo album.