This is a guest post from long-time Friday bartender Heather, who has a big life change to announce.

Friday evenings are that enchanting part of the week when many let go of the stress from the work week and smoothly slide into the weekend. For a lot of years I have been fortunate to share that time with many of you. While I often say it has been ten years, my spouse likes to remind me that I have been saying ten years for several years now. So, let’s just call it a good, long while.

HeatherI’ve learned a lot behind the bar. For example, it’s not a good idea to mix up the salt and sugar when making lemon drop shots. Yes, it is possible to fall off the bar while stone cold sober (not one of my finer moments). Some songs will bring people together and turn a group of strangers into friends no matter their age. Drinks with toys make adults as happy as kids with toys. Usually most everyone has a pretty interesting story to tell or advice to share and no matter how bad your day people seem happy to see the person handing them drinks.

During my time I’ve seen bar patrons experience hook-ups and break-ups, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and many a bachelorette party. I’ve danced on the bar more times than I can count but am guessing at least a thousand times. Phil and I have had the same discussion about the merits of disco over a hundred times but bless his heart the man will tolerate ABBA on my behalf.

Some truly amazing individuals have come through our doors. A few have moved on – some to other places in the world and some to that great bar in the sky. (RIP my friends and may the spirits on the other side be as delicious as those we toast to you here.) I’ve been lucky to forge friendships with people who’ve become more important to me than I could have imagined all those years ago when I got my very first tip.

Just as that first dollar bill opened up a new phase I am preparing for another new beginning in my life. He doesn’t officially have a name yet but he should be born around the beginning of September. This isn’t a goodbye, at least not for me, not yet anyway. This is just a break and I hope to return from maternity leave with lots of amusing stories.

Until then, enjoy the tunes coming from the speakers, the beverage in front of you, and the company of those around you.

Join us this Friday, July 12, from 5-9 p.m. to celebrate Heather's "final Friday for awhile." RSVP on Facebook and invite your friends. And for the record, Heather's been behind the bar for thirteen years now.