Sunday night was the 11th annual Pub Quiz trivia event to benefit the Lawrence St. Patrick's Day Parade, which benefits local children's charities.

Eleven years already- wow. The Sandbar has had a team in this event for at least most of those years. Our former bartender, Scottie Mack, puts the event together. We actually won last year, believe it or not.

This year we had nine smart people on our team who could cover topics ranging from military history to celebrity baby names (that's my area of expertise and I'm not ashamed to admit it).

We're sad to say, however, that we missed this question:

"John Hampton claims to be the first male to portray this downtown Lawrence character."

Got an answer? We didn't. It wasn't our question, but the team who got that one couldn't answer it, so everyone had a chance.

We didn't win the trivia game, but we finished in the top half so we're proud of that.