The bar frequently gets public relations pitches, ranging from concerts (we don't have room for that), pay-per-view television events and an assortment of other random things.

But last month, we got one that topped them all: a bikini bull riding and female oil wrestling tour. Um, no thanks.

I wasn't going to post their actual release, but decided it was too funny to not share- even if it's giving them additional publicity.

So, here it is, in most of its glory. I should note, this was one of the longest emails we've ever received, so I cut some of it out. That's right, there was more. But all misspelled words, bad punctuation and other mistakes are all theirs, not mine (it was extremely difficult for me to post this unedited, given that editing is a part of my day job.) Enjoy.

Our Marketing Director for Horns N Hunnies Bikini Bull Riding & Spankmebigdaddy Female Oil Wrestling Tours was wanting to speak to someone about bringing us in as a entertainment Attraction for your event in 2011. We have alot of people that follows us and we are starting to book our 2011 tours and crews for events. We would love to come in and be apart of your event. Can you please send us the contact info and pass along our info to someone that would handle this for your event.

We are also bring back out again Female Oil Wrestling. We can do both events at your venue or during your event!! Ask about the oil wrestling and bikini bull riding package!!!!

Horns N Hunnies Bikini Bull Riding Tour is making threw way towards your area. We want your local homegrown Hotties on our tour and on the bull. We are now booking for your area for 2010/2011. Our events are very reasonable price and are designed for you to make money as a venue. Cause we understand that's what you are in business for. The founder and his partner are both Bar and nightclub owners so they know how the business works. They have tested and ran this promotion threw own venues for a year before unleashing The Hottest Tour in America in many bars and bike rallies and college towns for the past year!

What is Horns N Hunnies? Here is what Horns N Hunnies is.

Horns N Hunnies in currently on tour across America. We are in search of the hottest bikini riding girl in America along with the hottest wildest 8 second ride in America. Our Events draw alot of people to venues. Why cause we bring the bull, Bull babes, camera crew, and much more. We giveaway 3 Vacations at every stop. We give the winning girl of bikini bull riding contest will get a 7day all inclusive trip to the mayan resort in Cancun Mexico. We also give away a 7 day Hotel stay in Mexico to someone in the bar threw a drawing, and we give away a 3day /4night trip to over 26 resorts to someone in the venue. All 3 listed trips are worth over $3300 together. At the event is open for any female that wants to enter. It is 3 rounds, 1st rd is the bull riding round see if the girls can last 8 seconds, 2nd round is the bull lap dance round. and the 3 rd is The exotic ride round. Each round will be judged by by 3-5 judges.Which judges seats will be auctions off to go to the winning top 3 girls. along with the trip to the winning girl. Our events last 4-5hrs long. We can We are booking dates now and alot of venues have already booked dates. if this is something you venue would be interested in please call our marketing team and lets get a date booked for you.!!!