One of the highlights of last weekend's Shark Fest block party was the giant, 40-foot-long inflatable shark slide.

We first spotted the shark slide last year when McDonald's on 23rd St. rented it for their grand reopening celebration. Not really sure how McDonald's and sharks go together, but the slide was perfect for our party.

The slide went up on Saturday afternoon and the kids swarmed. Their parents couldn't believe the slide was free. We had no intention of charging people to slide, but if we'd charged a buck a ride we could have easily paid for probably the entire party!


Dave and Curtis raced each other down the slide. The rules said only two adults on the slide at a time, but the rules probably didn't expect two giant men to ride at the same time.

Bartender Tegan escorted a baby down the slide. We didn't get a picture of that one.

Our slide supervisor Ken informed us that local downtown legend Dennis even took a ride on the slide. we aren't sure if his baby doll went with him, or if someone held onto it for him. No picture of that one, either.

Overall, the slide seemed to be a big hit with kids, parents and party-goers. Now what can we do next year?