Coleen is the resident fish lover at the Sandbar, second only to Dave, and she might even be more fond of the fish than he is.

She was very sad to learn of Homer's passing, and immediately composed this poem in his memory.

Ode to Homer

Here's to Homer our fishy friend,
He swam happily to the very end.
Most said he was ugly, but they never knew,
That ugly meant cute for the Sandbar crew.
Dinner time was great excitement and eating all he could get,
For Homer it meant food, attention and time for a friendly pet.
Always harassed by Slim the large and jealous silver batfish,
He usually brushed him off with a smile and a quick tail swish.
Very few people ver got to see Homer do the big puff,
Because he felt safe and didn't need to do that kind of stuff.
Known as Stars and Stripes Toadfish, or (arothron hispidus) his real scientific name,
But to all of us at the Sandbar, Homer will mainly be remembered for all of his fame.

RIP, Homer. May you find peace on the farm, away from the other fish.