In the spirit of Shark Week, we have a little story about our fish tank. Even though it doesn't have a shark in it anymore. Yes, we used to have a real shark in the bar.

Dave was planning to add more water to the 500 gallon fish tank in the front of the bar. He wheeled his 55 gallon trashcan full of saltwater across the floor of the bar as bartender Ken and our friend Brandon watched.

All of a sudden, the trashcan folded up as it moved along…and 55 gallons of saltwater poured all over the Sandbar floor.

Ken and Brandon jumped up on the benches so they wouldn't be swept away in the tide.

How exactly do you get 55 gallons of water out of a bar?

According to Dave, you grab a bunch of brooms and sweep it out the front door. And then you mop, and mop, and mop some more. Needless to say, the floor was clean.