It's amazing the funny things you can hear just by standing outside the Sandbar for a mere five minutes.

Last Saturday night, I was waiting outside for Dave. A trio of college-age-ish kids walked up to the patio and stopped.

"You go first," one guy told the lone girl in the group. I'm not sure of his reasoning, maybe he thought the doorguy would be more open to questions from a girl?

"Tell them we've got fifteen people coming," he continued.

She kind of laughed and the three walked towards the door.

Then, one of the guys mentioned the cover charge.

The girl became indignant.

"What!" she exclaimed. "I don't pay cover at bars."

And just then, the door swung open as Dave came out, trapping the girl between the door and the wall. Don't worry, she wasn't hurt. But it was kind of funny. And good timing.

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