The Sandbar was full of parrotheads last night!

Kansas City-area Jimmy Buffett fans and members of the Parrothead Club converged on the Sandbar for their monthly "phlocking." They were decked out in vintage Buffett concert shirts, crazy hats, beads and all sorts of other attire that you don't normally see outside of a Buffett concert tailgate.

Tropical drinks were flowing and Jimmy Buffett tunes were constant. Two of the club members even got to be honorary mermaids during an early hurricane.

20110611_parrothead 20110611_parrothead2

The parrotheads weren't the only ones in the bar, though. Early in the evening, a group celebrating a birthday showed up in bright neon outfits. It looked like an '80s theme party of some sort. A couple of the girls were even wearing neon tutus. They danced around the bar for awhile and did a 7-person shotski, and then moved on to the next place.

It was a fun night at the Sandbar, especially if you like Jimmy Buffett tunes!