Last fall the Sandbar crew put together a volleyball team for the Lawrence Parks and Rec leagues. We weren't very competitive, but Team Shark Attack managed a respectable 10-20 finish, or sixth place out of nine teams.

Most of the team members wanted to play again in the winter league. Given that our team wasn't much of an "attack," we changed the name to a something softer: Dolphin Sighting.

So far, Dolphin Sighting has won two games. Yes, two. The pre-game drinks might not be helping our athletic abilities very much. But we're definitely the team winning in the "having the most fun category." Yes, I said "winning." (That's a Charlie Sheen reference if you still don't get it.)

We have three games left. Wish us luck!


The referee kindly took this team photo after last week's win. Notice how the guys are all trying to look serious and intimidating.