Here's something unique you probably never knew you needed: a custom car emblem with your Twitter handle on it.  

Local business skooladesign creates these fun emblems, but you don't have to have a Twitter account to have one. You could probably order any word or symbol you wanted. And you don't have to put it on your car- we aren't sure where we're putting ours yet. Maybe somewhere in the bar. Maybe on Andrew's car.

On a side note, it's an interesting story as to how we got this emblem.

Bill, the designer behind skooladesign, recently traveled to the Super Bowl with his father, who won the tickets in a contest. However, the prize didn't include airfare or a hotel. Bill's wife, Sarah, jokingly tweeted one day that if all of her Facebook friends and Twitter followers pledged a buck, she could send the boys on their dream trip.

Funny thing- people responded with offers of a dollar or five or ten, and before long Bill and his dad were on their way. You can read the entire story here and here.

Everyone who donated at least ten bucks was given a custom car emblem as a thank-you gift. So not only did we get to contribute to the experience of a lifetime, we also got a cool, unique gift in return.