No, not the country, although that could be an interesting trip.

Jimmy Buffett is finally returning to Kansas City after a long break and playing the Sprint Center on April 30 as part of the "Welcome to Fin Land" tour. He last played in Kansas City in 1997.

Lots of years ago, the Sandbar crew took a bus trip to Denver to see Jimmy Buffett. It was before my time, but I've heard lots of stories and seen the pictures. And there were certainly stories. I'm hoping to corner a few of the trip's participants and grill them about what they remember so I can share it here.

Back in the late 90's, we took another bus trip to Buffett, this time to St. Louis. It rained almost the entire show but we had a blast.

And now, we'll see him in Kansas City. The Sprint Center won't be quite the same as an outdoor amphitheater with large parking lots suited for tailgating, but we'll make it work.

It certainly was a fiasco to get tickets. Dave was on the phone and I was online right at 10 a.m., and we spent a lot of frustrating time with Ticketmaster. I finally managed to get a few pairs online, and then Dave had the best idea ever: go to the Ticketmaster outlet at HyVee. Genius! He got tickets with no problems at all.

We don't have any official plans for the concert yet. We've talked about taking a bus from Lawrence to the concert; we've also thought about renting hotel rooms and spending the night near Power & Light. Once we have a Sandbar party plan, we'll be sure to let you know.

Who else was lucky enough to score some tickets?