Even though she's worked at The Sandbar for nearly FIVE YEARS, this is the first time we've had a staff profile on Tegan. It's about time! (I think she just avoided my requests in the past.)

How long have you worked here? Since May, 2006.

What's your favorite drink to drink? Beer, Irish Car Bombs with the Men of the Sandbar, anything in a shot glass. (that sounds sort of bad) (Editor's note: no, it really doesn't. It makes you sound fun.)

Favorite drink to make? Margaritas if we aren't super busy.

Most unusual drink request you've had? Vodka gimlet, Phil and a random patron are the only two people who have ordered them.  Maybe they are making a comeback after a Mad Men episode?  (Betty Draper ordered one at the bar on the episode when she had her first affair.)

Favorite memory from working? When Dave got super hammered and after closing time he was being "helpful" and running back and forth with the mop, he fell, slid across the floor and slammed into the front benches. Only to follow it up by running into the locked front door on his way out and breaking the lock.  Still my favorite night at the Sandbar! (Editor's note: I was there for this. And it really was hilarious. Only because it's sort of out of character for Dave- don't go thinking he does this stuff all the time.)

Best story from the bar? One night Blair hit me in the face with a bottle of vodka. Sounds worse than it was. I was putting the empty bottle away, and he was being "helpful" and was handing me a new one to put in the speed row. He hit me in the mouth with the bottle, no busted teeth. It was pretty funny. We were all freaking out because I was crying, but it ended up being fine – just a busted lip. 

What do you do when you're not working at the bar? Work at my "real job," go to sporting events, spend time with friends.

Favorite jukebox song?  Don't have one…

Song you never want to hear again? Pour Some Sugar on Me, Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy, anything Lion King, anything ABBA…

So, Tegan has some pretty funny stories from the bar. She's also well known for baking amazing cookies and bringing them to the bar- but not eating them.

You may have also noticed a trend in these staff profiles; namely, the jukebox songs they never want to hear again. The same songs and artists keep making an appearance…


And finally, I searched my entire catalog of Sandbar pictures (and I have a lot of pictures) for pictures of Tegan, and I couldn't find very many. This one's from last Halloween. I think she must avoid me when I have a camera in my hand.