One of our regulars, Erin, shared a funny story with me recently.

She stopped by the bar early one evening to meet a friend, have a drink and vent about a particularly crappy day. She asked the bartender for a Fuzzy Navel. (I'm keeping the day of the week and the bartender anonymous, to protect the innocent.)

The bartender replied that he didn't know how to make a Fuzzy Navel.

(Stop right there. Show of hands- who knows how to make this drink? Have you even heard of it?  I think this might be the first alcoholic drink I ever tasted, and I'm pretty sure I knew how to make it when I was sixteen. Because my mom drank them. Anyway, moving on.)

The bartender whipped out the trusty drink book we keep behind the bar, and found another "fuzzy" drink. He told Erin what was in it, she thought it sounded good, and asked for a double.

He calculated the amount of alcohol that would be and said, "Um, wow that's a lot of alcohol. How about I sub some OJ in there?"

As I repeated this story to Dave, we both laughed pretty hard. He defended his bartender, though, and said not a lot of people ask for a Fuzzy Navel, and Erin agreed that Dave is the only one who's been able to mix it up right away for her. She very much appreciated our bartender looking out for the amount of alcohol she consumed.