Once upon a time in Sandbar history, a giant stuffed toucan sat on top of the jukebox. He was sort of an unoffical mascot, watching over the bar back in its smoke-filled days.

He was also the subject of much mischief. The toucan was "kidnapped" many times and taken on adventures all over Lawrence. Curtis and Todd were likely guilty of borrowing our toucan many times. At least once, the toucan accompanied Curtis to an after-hours movie screening at a local theater.

1995cmarsh 03

Photographic evidence exists to prove the toucan theft. In the picture above, circa 1995, Todd is stuffing the toucan into his car.

Sadly, someone eventually stole our beloved toucan and never returned him. We heard rumors that he'd been spotted at the local Salvation Army. Outside the dimly lit bar, the toucan wasn't quite as spectacular: dingy, dirty and reeking of smoke, we can certainly understand why the culprit didn't want to keep him.

Last week, Dave was scavenging goodies at the local Antique Mall when he stumbled upon….a stuffed toucan. No, not our original- this one was in much better shape, and more importantly, didn't stink of cigarette smoke and spilled beer.


When I went to my car after leaving work that day, I opened the door and found the new toucan.

Now, we just have to figure out what to do with him.