Our drinks aren't the only things we spike.

That was the unofficial slogan for Team Shark Attack, a co-ed rec league volleyball team made up of Sandbar staff (current and former) and friends. We put together a team this fall for the Lawrence Parks and Rec league and had a blast.

We had nine official players, and any given night we had at least six, enough to play. Some nights we shared our players with our friend Jana's team, because some of her team bailed on her.

Our team wasn't always good. In fact, we ended the season at 10-20, in sixth place out of nine teams. But by the end of the season, we had improved enough to earn compliments from another player- one whose team has been playing together for 30 years, and a team we had just beat.

We may not have been super volleyball players, but we always had fun! Thanks to Justin, Pat, Tom, Megan, Caroline, Hayley, Brandon and Sherri for working hard for Team Shark Attack. See you on the volleyball court!

Oh, and the ironic part of our slogan? Spiking, along with overhand serving, isn't allowed in the rec league. "Up not down" was another often-used phrase on our team. As was "a girl's gotta touch it at least once." You can imagine the fun we had.