St. Patrick's Day 2007. My favorite float of all-time: The Sandbar Showboat.

It wasn't my love of this particular float that inspired this flashback, however- it was an article in today's Lawrence Journal-World about a couple who was married during the first St. Patrick's Day Parade in 1988. Even better, the bride worked at AJ's Tavern once upon a time! For those of you who don't know, The Sandbar was AJ's in a previous life.

Which brings me back to the Showboat.


This float had nothing to do with weddings (that was the year before, when we built a giant wedding cake), but a wedding really happened on the float.

A couple contacted Peach and asked if they could have a small ceremony on our upstairs beach. On St. Patrick's Day. Clearly, we're a little busy that day and scheduling a wedding upstairs wasn't happening. Our quick-thinking leader suggested that they be married on our float instead, and cool couple that they are, they agreed.

Dave, an internet-ordained minister who's performed five weddings, officially married them on our float as it crossed the Kansas River. 

As you can see, this float had two levels. Although we know the upper level was sturdy- Dave was the chief construction man, after all- it shook a lot as we danced through town. 

This year's float also has two levels. At dance practice last night, we discovered that the top floor shakes like crazy once again. Especially if you jump around.

Be sure to check us out on Wednesday!