20080204 peach cheryl betsy andrew  In honor of our upcoming favorite holiday of the year, here's the story behind one of pictures nailed to our wall.

St. Patrick's Day, 1997. The float theme was "Under the Sea" and we built a giant aquarium. By 1997 standards it seemed huge and elaborate; by today's standards, not so much.

Doorboy Andrew was a wee little thing back then. He was a scuba diver on the float. What this really meant: he was suspended in mid-air in the "aquarium." Dave was a giant red lobster. There were mermaids and sea creatures and King Neptune.

And a zebra.

Peach and Ted had started acquiring their various exotic animals, and the zebra deserved a place of honor in the parade even though she didn't fit the theme at all. Peach and several other staff members walked alongside the float, decked out in Hawaiian shirts and beachcomber hats, and the zebra walked with them.

This picture features Cheryl, one of the first and only doorgirls (she kept the Tuesday night crowd in line- literally); Peach; the zebra; Ted's daughter Betsy, and little Andrew. Wasn't he cute?

This picture hangs near the front door. Check it out next time you're in the bar. Oh, and notice the old white paint on the building, and the palm trees that used to adorn the old windows!