Peach brought us a copy of the Baldwin City Signal- it featured a picture of one of our Sandbar friends!

Check out this snow sculpture (and try to ignore the horribly crooked scan):

20100212_landshark showtime copy

The caption reads:

Scott Schoenberger had a little time on his hands Friday and plenty of snow to create this snow sculpture of a shark. He even took time to don fishing gear for a picture.

It should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone that we know this guy.

Scott is famous around The Sandbar. He sang lead vocals on our original Hurricane song, a re-worded version of Copa Cabana that we recorded in a local studio. (Does anyone remember that version?) He's also a popular character on many of our St. Patrick's Day Parade floats. Many guys don't like to dance, but not Showtime. He lives up to his name and puts on a show.

Very creative use of the few inches of snow in his yard. Nice job, Showtime!