I've discovered that there are many other Sandbar's all over the country, and it's fun to see the events and specials they have. This one, in particular, caught my eye: a Snuggie pub crawl!

This pub crawl started at The Sandbar in Scottsdale. This Sandbar is talked about a lot online and especially on Twitter. Apparently it's popular with the Iowa Hawkeye fans in Phoenix. Anyway, the crawl was a charity event supporting the Phoenix Fraternal Order of Police.

It sounded like a pretty good deal- tickets were $15-$20, and each ticket included a Snuggie! It also included a starting & ending drink at the Sandbar and one raffle ticket, but who cares about that when it includes a Snuggie!

They even had prizes for the best Snuggie, sexiest Snuggie, and probably others that weren't listed in the event page on Yelp. Most likely the prize winners brought their own personally created Snuggies instead of wearing the ones that came free with the ticket.

Just this weekend, I discovered that a Snuggie party will take place in Kansas City– this one is an Oscars Watch Party planned by a group of young professionals and will also help raise money for charity.

Who thinks this sounds like fun? If we planned one, would you be there? More importantly, would you wear a Snuggie?

I daydreamed about Sandbar logo-d Snuggies before Christmas, but after finding out the price, and more importantly how many we would have to order, it just won't work out anytime soon. Unless I buy an embroidery machine and do it myself. Unfortunately I don't think screenprinting on fleece will work very well…but we could try it.