Twelve extremely cool Sandbar themed gifts would seem like an easy blog idea, but I have to admit it came to me in a very roundabout manner.

The other day at my "real job," I got a rare spam email. I say spam only because it was an unsolicited email from a company I've never heard of, but it wasn't anything sneaky or poorly spelled. It happened to have pictures of cute socks, so I clicked to their website and promptly fell in love.

Hence, the inspiration for "12 Days of Sandbar Christmas Gifts."

Day 1: Shark Bite Socks

Anyone who loves our famous Shark Attack drink needs a pair of these socks. How could you not smile when wearing something like this?

Day 2: Palm Tree & Coconuts Salt & Pepper Shaker

I died laughing when I saw this set- it's exactly the sort of cheese that we love at The Sandbar and would be a perfect gift for our annual holiday gift exchange. Somehow I think boys, especially, might like this one.

Day 3: Pirate Lego Magnets

We love all things pirate. And who doesn't love Legos? They even have real magnets so you can keep them on your fridge or your file cabinet or wherever else they'll stick.

Day 4: Parrot Christmas Holiday Tree Art Thing

Not really sure where to start with this one. Most of the 12 days of gifts are things I'd dearly love to own. Not so much this one. It's rather unique. I suppose if you like to feed the birds, and you like parrots, and Santa, then you might like this. (It kind of looks like a rainbow-ish Jayhawk, too).

Day 5: Tiki Tissue Box

Can't get enough of the Sandbar hurricane and Tiki Ted? Get a Tiki Tissue Box. This box is sized to hold a standard tissue box, and he'll blow Kleenex out his nose. Really, I can't make this stuff up.

Day 6: Mermaid Cookbook

Need a gift idea for kids (or fun-loving adults)? Check out this mermaid cookbook, with recipes like Sea Foam Foats and Goldfish Gorp. I actually own this cookbook (thanks to Michelle!) and can vouch for it's coolness.

Day 7: Jimmy Buffett's new CD, Buffet Hotel

I should be slapped upside the head with a giant vinyl shark for forgetting that this CD was released just a few days ago (December 8, to be exact). Jimmy Buffett, hero of everyone who needs a little escape from life now and then, has another new CD just in time to fill your stockings.

Day 8: Beer Chapstick

Some of the options above a little too spendy for you? This stocking stuffer will set you back about the price of a drink. Yum, beer flavored kisses.

Day 9: Great White Shark Slippers

For all the shark lovers out there, here's a little something for your feet to keep them warm. I wonder if these come in Dave's size…

Day 10: The ShotCarver

Make your own shot glass using a piece of fruit and this little gadget. See, I'm helping you find ways to make drinking alcohol just a little bit more healthy.

Day 11: My Little Sandbox

Need a reminder of the beach for your desk? A toy for the kids when they can't go outside? Here's your very own tiny sandbox to play with when you need some stress relief.

Day 12: Mermaid Wine Bottle Holder

Our last gift in the series. A hand cut, hand finished, colored steel mermaid is ready to hold your favorite wine bottle. Ironic, a little, since we're not exactly a wine bar. But it's a neat gift anyway.

We hope you enjoyed our 12 Days of Sandbar Christmas Gift series! We'll do it again next year.