All of us at the Sandbar love any holiday that encourages costumes- heck, we look for any excuse to dress up and often create our own reasons.

Halloween is, of course, one of our favorites and we love to see the creativity of our customers and staff.

On the Friday before Halloween this year, the B+ team (or whatever they're calling themselves these days) of Blair, Tegan, and Andrew wanted to work together because they had a great group costume planned.

Karate Kid– everyone's favorite 80's movie.

Tegan went all out to transform herself into Mr. Miyagi, the karate instructor. You might think that Andrew, the resident "kid" of the bar, would be Daniel-san, but instead he was one of the mean Cobra Kai's. Blair, our athletic rugby player, was Daniel the Karate Kid.

And to complete the whole experience, the Karate Kid movie played on one of the TV's above the bar all night.

20091030_rockyhorror_0096 20091030_rockyhorror_0098 

The group rocked this costume again on Saturday night. They even added another Cobra Kai, our friend Erick.