Homecoming weekend at The Sandbar was tons of fun for all of us! Lots of old and new friends paid us a visit, and there are so many stories. We'll pick some of our favorites to share this week.

Friday night brought in a Sandbar favorite during football season: the Bar Band.  The performers showed up right before 10 pm and definitely didn't disappoint! We had a full house waiting to sing, dance, and clap along, and a whole bunch of people had to watch from their spot in line. It's truly a neat experience, and if you've never been in our tiny bar while a marching band plays the KU fight song- well, you need to add that to your list.

We had a special group of people in Friday night that I want to mention. Last summer, The Sandbar hosted a "tweetup," which is basically an off-line gathering of Twitter users and a way for them to meet in real life. It was a great success, and many of our Twitter followers come in on a regular basis. A spontaneous tweetup occurred on Friday night- it was suggested online during the day, and the group made it's way to The Sandbar in time to catch the band.

A couple of the girls from the group had never been mermaids before- and you know as soon as we hear someone say that, they become the next volunteer! The hurricane blew through the bar shortly after the Bar Band left, and Dave led everyone through the dance routines. A crazy boy even jumped up on the bar in the middle of all the girls and showed off his dance moves. That *never* happens at The Sandbar. 

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After we all got down from the bar, I discovered that our friend Susan had never been on the bar before. This might not be surprising to you, but Susan has been coming to The Sandbar for at least a decade, I think! Proves there's a first time for everything.

More stories to come this week from Homecoming weekend, so check back!