Yesterday was Danny's birthday, and Dannymania was out in full force. 

What's Dannymania, you ask? I'll tell you. I believe it began in the prime of his $ellout! career. Danny, the sax man, had a contingent of female fans who
had their own glittery Dannymania shirts and wore them to the concerts.
Wonder where all those fans and their shirts are now…

Danny created his own "Dannymania" shirt years ago  A good friend of Danny's created his "Dannymania" shirt and gave it to him as a birthday gift in 2004 , and he's worn it on his birthday for the last five years. He claims he will wear it on his birthday every year, until it wears out (or someone steals it and gives it a timely death).

We think his self-promoting shirt has a very 70's movie star vibe with his rockin' moustache, a remnant of his recent MS150 bike ride.


If you missed Danny's birthday last night, be sure to wish him a happy one next time you see him. He might even let you join his fan club if you're lucky.

On another note, once upon a time I requested my very own glittery-lettered Dannymania shirt. I never got one.