A few Thursdays ago, I was hanging out on the patio with Dave, talking to some friends. We watched a group of young-ish looking people walk into the bar, and I remember thinking "I really hope the bartender cards all of them."  Some of them were raving to the others about how great the Sandbar is, which made us smile.

(Of course, the older I get, the younger everyone else looks- in my head I like to think I'm still 21, so anyone who looks younger than me certainly can't be old enough to come in.)

About five minutes later, the same group walks back out. This time they were raving about something else.

Apparently, the bartender followed all rules (yay!) and carded the entire group. One of the guys threw a fit and couldn't believe they were being carded- and even worse, the bartender wanted to scan his ID! Oh, the humanity!

The bartender explained that everyone gets carded, and since school had just started it was even more important to card everyone, and that every bar in town would be paying closer attention to ID's right now.

This group didn't want to hear it, and they chose to leave instead of hand over their ID's for a 30 second inspection. On their way out, several of them were loudly complaining about the "rude" bartender and how "they come here all the time."

I suspect that at least one of the group wasn't quite of age.