In case you didn't notice, today is September 17.  In Sandbar-land, that also means it's halfway to our favorite holiday: St. Patrick's Day!

In honor of the blessed event, our Friday bartender Phil composed this invitation to all our friends. 

Top O'the Mornin', Noon 'n Night to ya's ….
'Tis the season for 'The Wearin' O' the Green' once again !!!

This beloved Thursday, today, is the very quintessential September 17th …. which so happens to be 'The Half Way' point, to the very auspicious day of Glorified Celebration indeed …. Saint Paddy's Day!!!    I will be urging ye to celebrate this momentous day at your local pub!  And if you find yourself in our quaint village then I'll be asking ye to pay heed to this announcement……
So on the morrow, Friday that be, in honor of surviving till halftime, the lovely Miss Heather O'Bunker and The Phil of Clan McBradley will be throwin' down a ShamRockin' Party and a Celebration at Ye Olde Sandbar, that ye's won't wanna be missin' now. Sure, The Lads and Lasses will be enjoying the specials and the very Irish Dirty Banana Shots are a mere $2.00 a trifle don’t ye know…. and The Blarney is FREE all day long.
Toppin' the evening all off, with grand cuisine from the emerald isle, complementary o' Hot Wings (while they last)  …. and then Kickin' it up a notch more, with the most honorable Dave and the evening lads and lasses. This will surely be an Arse Kickin' good time for Families, Friends and All to enjoy the night away.

In other words: stop by on Friday to celebrate the halfway point, enjoy some wings and Dirty Banana shots, and see what antics Heather and Phil and the late night crew have planned.