At long last, Kansas University football is upon us!

Tonight's season opener is against Northern Colorado and starts at 6 p.m. And apparently the game is sold out! Those crazy fans are already tailgating up on campus.

The start of football season also means the start of one of our favorite traditions….the Lawrence Bar Band! We are especially proud of this over-a-decade-long tradition, because it got it's start at The Sandbar, by one of our staff members who was a Marching Jayhawk. Every year since then, the torch has been passed down, and we try to always have at least one Marching Jayhawk on staff to carry on the Bar Band.

Dave printed this year's Bar Band shirts yesterday- their blue shirts were donated by adidas, thanks to doorboy Andrew. The front has the Sandbar logo with "Bar Band" on it, and the back has "Fand Buckers." I'll leave that to your imagination…but let me just say, they requested it.

The Bar Band made their rounds for the first time this season last night, and we've got pictures.

20090904_barband_0012 20090904_barband_0008 

20090904_barband The picture to the left was contributed by Friday bartender Phil. He labeled this picture as "Heather's best night at the bar and Sharky's revenge."

It was a great night of music and fans and game day spirit. If you missed it, remember that the Bar Band plays on Friday night before every home game, usually around 10 pm.

We try to get them to The Sandbar as early as possible and as their first stop, since we're so tiny, and then they wander around town. I think they usually hit up the Wheel, and this year they're going to our new neighbor the Barrel House too. Where else have you seen the Bar Band?