Last week on our Facebook page, an old friend of the Sandbar- Brad, who has actually been mentioned here before and probably doesn't know it- left a comment with a list of his favorite Sandbar jukebox songs. He lives far away from Lawrence now, but likes to stop by when he's in town to visit family.

His list was pretty good, and it inspired another former regular and buddy of Brad's- Trent- to chime in with his own additions. I was hoping that more people would leave comments and add to the mix, but no one did. Maybe this post will encourage people…

Anyway, I thought I'd post a list of the songs they suggested. These are all Sandbar staples- songs that when you hear them, you think of The Sandbar. At least I do. Feel free to add to it in the comments!

  1. Shake a Tailfeather – Blues Brothers
  2. Fins – Jimmy Buffet
  3. Stuck in the Middle with You – Stealer's Wheel
  4. You Never Even Called me by my Name – David Allan Coe
  5. Son of a Preacher Man – Dusty Springfield
  6. Boogie Shoes – KC and the Sunshine Band
  7. Rock the Boat – Hues Corporation
  8. Bare Necessities – The Jungle Book
  9. Volcano – Jimmy Buffett
  10. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
  11. Get Down Tonight – KC and the Sunshine Band
  12. Dancing Queen – Abba
  13. Sweet Home Chicago – Blues Brothers
  14. Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon
  15. Under the Sea – Little Mermaid
  16. Southern Cross – Crosby Stills & Nash
  17. Delta Dawn – Helen Reddy
  18. Son of a Son of a Sailor – Jimmy Buffett
  19. America – Neil Diamond
  20. Hakuna Matata – Lion King Soundtrack
  21. Friends in Low Places – Garth Brooks

I'm pretty sure all of these songs are still on the jukebox. Next time you're in the bar, play a couple of these tunes!