After the Bar Band warmed up the crowd, we had a quick break before Mark Valentine took the stage with his band. Valentine and the Ones played for the rest of the night and entertained the crowd with lots of Sandbar favorites and other great tunes for dancing and singing along.

Our good friend and photographer Pat took a million great pictures of the entire event. Here are a couple that give an idea of just how many people were at our party:

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It was great to see so many families, kids, and teenagers out in the street dancing and singing. We really wanted this event to be a "thank you" party for all of our friends and customers throughout the year, and we wanted everyone to feel welcome to attend. 

It was also fun to see quite a few people dressed up in costume- Peach found a fantastic pirate costume, and there were a number of other pirates in attendance at the party. Elvis even made an appearance. So did three brides- although we're pretty sure these weren't costumes but actual wedding dresses!

We're starting to see our friends sharing their own pictures on Facebook. If you have pictures from the event, we'd really love to see them! There are several ways you can share your Sandbar pictures:

  1. Upload them to Flickr and add them to the Sandbar Flickr group. Only group members can view the pictures.
  2. Add them to the Fan Photos on our Facebook page. It's a little tricky to figure this out- at least it was for me- so I've posted detailed instructions about how to do this. 
  3. If you don't have a Flickr or Facebook account, you can still share your pictures. Email them to sandbar{at}thesandbar{dot}com and we might feature them on the blog or post them on our wall in the bar.

We've still got a few more things to share about last week's party. The highlight of our night was performing several of our favorite Sandbar float songs for the crowd. We also have several videos to share with you. Check back this week for more Sandbar party memories!