Check out this page for real-time updates about the Sandbar’s 20th
Birthday Party on August 1, as they’re shared on Twitter! See posts from The
Sandbar, with all kinds of fun sneak peeks into what’s happening, along with things other people are saying about the party.

If you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow The Sandbar. Anytime you tweet about our birthday party, use the #sbar hashtag so your post will show up on our Tweetgrid!  And if you’re not on Twitter, you can still see the updates by checking this page.

We hope to have lots of our followers talking about the party in the week leading up to it as well as during the party. And, we’ll have prizes! After the party (or maybe during the party, if I can make it work), several tweets featuring the #sbar hashtag will be chosen at random. Winners will get a special Sandbar prize!