Dave got a nice surprise package in yesterday's mail.

A young man (or maybe old, I guess I don't really know) sent a small package with a piece of wooden floorboard, a black sharpie, and a letter.

The letter said that he was looking for David Johanning who played basketball at KU from 1990-92, and apologized if he had reached the wrong person. The sender then went on to explain that he is a collector of autographs and sports memorabilia, and emphasized that he is not a dealer or seller but merely collects these things for his own enjoyment.

He very politely asked if Dave would autograph the piece of floorboard, and then send it back in the self-addressed stamped envelope that the sender had also provided.

Of course, Dave will oblige. Several years ago he had a similar request to sign a quilt square, for a KU quilt full of former players' autographs that was being auctioned for charity.

Back when I first met Dave, he was more frequently recognized around town and elsewhere from his playing days. Now, it's more likely that people know him from The Sandbar instead. It's kind of neat when the basketball days are remembered, too.