One of the things I like to do with this blog is keep the readers updated on what former Sandbar staffers are up to these days. Of course, that requires the former staffers to actually keep in touch and tell me what they're doing…

Maynard has been featured here numerous times. (Probably because there are so many funny stories about him and he's willing to share them.) He met his lovely wife at The Sandbar, sort of; mementos from their wedding adorn our walls; and he parlayed his Sandbar doorman skills into a job as mayor of Garnett.

Maynard is also chairperson of the annual Anderson County corn festival, also known as Cornstock. This festival celebrates agriculture, and more specifically, corn, while promoting a fun family atmosphere.

Check out all the details:

Cornfestposter2009 copy

Tickets can be purchased online. Don't wait, the price goes up to $20 each tomorrow- although that's still a bargain.

Maybe Maynard will let us all camp out in his yard? Leave a comment if you're interested in tagging along to Cornstock this year.