Last night at The Sandbar was fun! Lots of things going on for a Wednesday night.

First up, the Lawrence Tweetup. Local Twitter users started arriving around 6:30 to enjoy food, drinks, and conversation. We ordered some snacks from our across-the-street neighbor Mirth's new catering menu, and Lisa from the Jade Garden dropped off a huge tray of egg rolls and crab rangoons.

The night started to look a little ominous when the party got started, but it ended up just raining for awhile. The only real storm was a special hurricane that rolled through the bar, and Caroline, Briana, and Kim were gracious enough to be the mermaids. Dave, as usual, led the crowd in the Sandbar dance, followed by the Car Wash.

Of course there were prizes- and we had a fun new way to hold a prize drawing. All the party goers signed their name to a toy shark, and we dropped them all into a plastic aquarium that Dave found upstairs. One by one I drew sharks and we gave away Sandbar shirts and hats, t-shirts provided by Joe College down the street, and some amazing KU Final Four prints by local artist Leo Hayden.  The locally-owned Anthony's Beehive handed out free lip balm and honey sticks from their farm.

I think there were at least 30-40 Twitter folk who passed through at some point in the night. We served this group a special shot in honor of what brought them together- the "Fail Whale," a sweet, tasty blue shot named after the cartoon provided by Twitter when their servers are over capacity.

(If you're on Facebook, check out the photos from last night's Tweetup.)

But that's not all that was going on at The Sandbar last night!

Former bartender and longtime friend Sheela was celebrating another 25th birthday with us. Rheva, Ashley, Coleen, and a few other lovely lady friends were there to help her out. Dave managed to get her up on the bar dancing with him before they left for the night.

Amazingly enough, there were two other birthday parties at the bar last night, too.

It was quite a night for the middle of the week!