Today was a big day for the future Sandbar patio.

Dave and I ventured out to the local big-box home improvement store to buy a thousand cans of special spray paint and primer. The dilemma of the day- what color to paint the rail?

Dave wanted to paint it blue. I voted for yellow. We called Peach for her opinion. In the end, blue won and it's a good choice.  It's pretty bright, but like Dave said, it has to compete with a lot in front of the bar!

The tarps were laid, the overalls were donned, and our art director- Brother Pants- arrived on scooter. The painters were ready. Here's a picture of the railing before it was primed and painted:

20090524_patio railing_0001

I should mention that this railing was built entirely by Dave. He is a master craftsman- he designed and cut and welded everything, and it didn't take him very long either.

Once they got started, the paint went on pretty quickly. Here's a few pictures of Farmer Dave and Brother Pants in action:

20090525_patio railing_0001 20090525_patio railing_0005

20090525_patio railing_0006 20090525_patio railing_0008

Tomorrow's the big day. Ted and Peach are bringing up their trailer (the one we use every year for the float) to load up the railing and take it to the bar for installation.

More pictures of the progress tomorrow!