The Sandbar has had a presence on Facebook for about six months now, and it's been great fun. We have over 1400 fans online now!

One of the fun (or annoying, depending on your perspective) things about Facebook is the abundance of interaction- things like quizzes, status updates, and other applications that let you know more about your friends than you ever wanted to know.

A quiz that was making the rounds this week called "How Well Do You Know Lawrence" caught my attention. I usually ignore this stuff, especially now after our friend Michelle's computer crashed after she clicked on an application, but this one was pretty good.

Whoever wrote this quiz is clearly a fan of Lawrence nightlife. One of the questions was this:

Lawrence has lots of watering holes. Which bar features an indoor hurricane?

Of course I got that one right! But a few questions later, there was confusion. "What bar does Dave the bartender work at?" And The Sandbar wasn't even one of the options. Apparently there's another famous bartender named Dave who works at either Chili's, Free State, or Replay. 

I was more amused yesterday when I checked the referring links for this very blog. Someone had input that exact quiz question- about the indoor hurricane- into Google to find the answer. They obviously don't get out much, but fortunately Google led them straight to the right place.